Guests will be served classic
and welcoming local cuisine
that makes the most out of the seasonal ingredients.


You will be thrilled with the foods full of the blessings of nature tonight!

During the Warring States era in Japan, going on one's first battle was a glamorous ceremony of being recognized as an adult, as was joining a banquet.
At that time, cherry blossoms dance on the military curtains in spring; a cool river breeze crosses through and over in summer; the mid-autumn moon hangs up in autumn; and bonfires create a fantasy in winter.It must have been a great banquet.
Here in Shingenkan, you can feel the banquet at that era with our signature cuisine.



We will serve you great local cuisine with full of nature seasonal mountain delicacies and river fish, which makes you realize the beauty of the simple and the rustic. Enjoy a wonderful time away from the hustle and bustle of the city with our signature dishes that make full use of the nature's blessings.


Ashigara's Local Sake and Breweries

Enjoy the proudly-served local sake of Ashigara.

Kawanishiya Shuzoten Tanzawasan

A junmai ginjo sake made with "Wakamizu," a locally grown Ashigara rice brand suitable for sake brewing. This sake has a gentle aroma and a fresh, fine-tuned flavor.

Nakazawa Shuzo Matsumidori Kotohime

Junmai ginjo sake made with "Wakamizu," rice suitable for sake brewing, grown in their own rice field. Flavorful but light and fruity, with the refreshing taste.

Ishii Shuzo Soga no Homare

Junmai sake made with “Miyama Nishiki,” rice suitable for sake brewing, grown in Nagano. It is a slightly mellow sake with refreshing acidity and a soft mouthfeel.