The pH10 "Hot Spring of Beauty",
the richest/greatest volume of hot water in the region,
has a lot of health benefits,
which makes you beautiful from the inside to the outside.


Hot Spring of Beauty Creating soft and smooth skin

The quality of this hot spring is very high with a pH of 10, and the water texture is very smooth and drinkable. It is called the "Hot Spring of Beauty" that makes you beautiful from inside and out, as it is known to be effective for atopic dermatitis, skin diseases, neuralgia and such, as well as for gastrointestinal diseases if you drink the spring. We definitely encourage you to give it a try.

Six Baths of Your Choice

Large Bath

Large Bath - Mugen no Yu

  • Mugen no Yu
  • Mugen no Yu
  • Mugen no Yu

The large bath boasts the most abundance of hot water in the area, sourced from our own spring, and is also equipped with a sauna on top of the open-air bath.

Open-Air Bath - Tenbo Roten Buro

Open-air Bath - Tenbo Roten Buro

  • Tenbo Roten Buro
  • Tenbo Roten Buro
  • Tenbo Roten Buro

The open-air bath at the hotel overlooks the clear waters of Nakagawa River down below, allowing guests to enjoy the natural beauty of the Tanzawa Massif. Immerse yourself in a time of healing for a while, enjoy the rich and beautiful nature that change completely during the day and night, or in the four seasons.

Open-air Bath Sengoku no Yu

  • Sengoku no Yu
  • Sengoku no Yu

Sengoku no Yu, the open-air rock bath offers the murmur of the mountain streams of Nakagawa up close. Enjoy the Hot Spring of Beauty with a pH of 10.1, very soft and smooth texture that you can also drink.

* The bath for men and women switches every day. (Winter holidays are from mid-January to early March).
* Usable time vary depending on the season. Please inquire for details.

Private Bath

Private Bath Sanshiki no Yu

  • Sanshiki no Yu
  • Sanshiki no Yu

Sanshiki no Yu - a private bath made of granite and hinoki cypress. The mountains of Tanzawa are right in front of you.

Private Bath Suiko no Yu

  • Suiko no Yu
  • Suiko no Yu

Suiko no Yu is a barrel-shaped private bath made of hinoki cypress. The tub reflects the colors of the four seasons.

Private Bath Tansei no Yu

  • Tansei no Yu
  • Tansei no Yu

Tansei no Yu - a fully accessible private bath. It is equipped with granite handrails and shower chair

About the Hot Spring

Name of Source Shingen’s Hidden Hot Spring
Hot Spring Type Simple alkaline spring
Spring Temperature 34.1 degrees Celsius
pH 10.1
Perceptual Test Colorless, transparent, tasteless, slight hydrogen sulfide odor
Benefits Smooth skin, atopic dermatitis, skin disease, digestive organ malfunction, neuralgia, hemorrhoids, frozen shoulder, sensitivity to cold, muscular pain, joint pain, recovery from fatigue and post-sickness