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QHow to use the private bath


Make a booking with the front desk.
You can make your booking at the check in up to 9:00 PM to get the keys.
You can use anywhere that’s available from 9:00 PM until 9:30 AM the next morning.
In any case, please limit the duration of one session within 45 minutes.
In addition, booking for the private bath is accepted only after you check in.

QRoad Conditions in Winter


As for road conditions in the winter, normal tires can survive during the daytime, but late night and early morning from January to early March, studless snow tires are recommended as there is a possibility of icing at tunnel entrances/exits and/or on bridges, etc.
We get snow several times per winter, with two to three times where snow covers the ground, usually around 10cm.
Prepare to drive with snow tires on the day of the snow and the following morning.

QHot Spring Pool


The hotel has a hot spring pool.
It is a hot spring pool that draws water from the alkaline simple spring gushing on the premises.
It is especially recommended for children with atopic dermatitis.
The available period is from May 1 to the last Sunday of September, house are 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM.
We have a leisure pool with a depth of 120 cm and a space for toddlers with a depth of 45 cm.
There is no swimsuit rental, so be sure to bring your own.
Children must be accompanied by a parent or guardian wearing a bathing suit.

Q Rental of Children’s Goods


We have baby bathtub, bath chair, baby soap available for families with babies
There are also high chair, spoon, small plates and bowls for their meals.